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Calculation of bitcoin mining profitability

Bitcoin Mining Profitability is something that is always in flux. Since Bitcoin has such a high level of difficulty and a large total hashrate, sometimes profitability can be due to several things.

The first set of data that you want to use to determine whether Bitcoin mining may be profitable for you or not is the following, but not limited to:

Cost of Bitcoin ASIC Miner (s)
Power costs for Power Miner (how much does one cost per kWh)
Cost of the equipment of the miners
Cost of power supply (PSU)
Cost of network equipment
Cost of internet access
Cost of other supporting equipment such as shelves, racks, cables, etc.
Cost of building or data center, if applicable
Key value of Bitcoin about the miner’s life

If you take all of these factors into account, you’ll get a rough return on investment (ROI) date, with all components paid for your mining revenue. However, there are always several, for. Such as electricity, internet access, and building or data center costs.

As mentioned earlier, the value of Bitcoin is the key to achieving the ROI. As we all know, it is very volatile, sometimes with extreme fluctuations. This can sometimes make the calculation of profitability problematic. Your goal is to use Bitcoin as efficiently as possible to its current value. That means you buy the latest equipment when you buy them, unless you can buy an ASIC that is a generation or so cheap enough to produce more bitcoin than electricity costs. Latest Bitcoin ASIC Miners are usually more powerful and consume less power per g / s.

As your level of difficulty increases, your winnings can also be used if you lose less of the block rewards due to increasing total hashrates. Depending on how fast or slow blocking times are, the difficulty increases or decreases. Block times are the time required to record a transaction set and the hash value generated in the blockchain. Bitcoin targets a block time of approximately 10 minutes and resets approximately every two weeks based on the average time to solve (edit) a block. If more miners are added to the network during the period, allowing a block to be resolved in less than 10 minutes, it means that the difficulty level is increasing to slow down block production to ~ 10 minutes. If enough hack rate has left the network and blocks are released in more than 10 minutes, the difficulty level will drop and the miners will be able to process blocks at approximately 10 minute intervals. You will want the hashrates to be quite stable, as the amount of bitcoin you receive for mining stays about the same. If the bitcoin value stays stable or rises, it will help too.

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As you can see, Bitcoin’s profitability is a moving target, so be alert to the monthly monitoring of your mining premiums and their value at the time of receipt. Keep an eye on the pool fees, as some are free and others do not contribute more or less to the cost of your mining. The higher the bitcoin value, the longer you can use your mining equipment to profitably, as long as the total hashrate does not increase any further, which entails the difficulty of keeping your winnings even or even low over time.

While you run your own mining equipment, it can be fun and sometimes even profitable that you can not always do something at home. Miners generate a lot of heat and noise. This must be taken into account where you place your miners. Most of them can not be operated in the house, unless you have a garage, a cellar or a room that can handle heat and noise. In this case, you should host your miners in a data center or other suitable location. If you want to be able to mine without the miners’ annoyance, you can use a cloud mining or hosting service.

If you’re starting’s mining pool and have questions about boarding, fees, or withdrawals, just log in and go to the Getting Started page for a few frequently asked questions

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