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Swap BTC and BCH with the Wallet’s New Shapeshift API Wallet is a robust, non-depot cryptocurrency client that allows users to securely store BCH and BTC. Since launching the Wallet version, over 1.7 million downloads have been made on both desktop and mobile operating systems. In addition, Wallet is one of seven compatible clients that work with the invoice integration of BitPay payment protocol.

Adding the ability to shapeshift between Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin core adds another powerful feature to Wallet users.’s wallet service is designed to support the diverse educational resources and tools that will enhance the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Between all the products, services, reading material and tools that owns, it has the largest amount of Bitcoin resources online. Founder and CEO of Shapeshift, Erik Voorhees, said: CEO Roger Ver says he is thrilled to have a log like Shapeshift integrated into the wallet’s surface. The change function of the wallet allows anyone to quickly and easily change these two decentralized currencies without registering for a trade.

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“This partnership with ShapeShift makes it easy for anyone to turn their Bitcoin core into Bitcoin cash or vice versa,” said Roger Ver.

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Using the conversion feature in Wallet is easy and only takes a few minutes. All a user has to do is either have a lot of BCH or BTC in their wallet, and simply switch the Shifting function in the Services section, where the Shapeshift logo is located. This means that Wallet users can exchange BCH and BTC at any time without having to jump through the rings.

“Shapeshift is an ideal exchange: it’s fast, easy and does not require personal information, and the integration of ShapeShift into Wallet adds value to our Wallet users,” adds Roger Ver. 

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