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Mozilla makes Google the default in Firefox again

Mozilla has launched the most important update, the new Firefox Quantum is lighter and much faster. Another noticeable change is Google is now the default search engine again…

Remember that in 2014, Mozilla made a deal with yahoo where it became their default search engine. This move turned users against Firefox because it didn’t always feel as if Mozilla had the user’s best interests in mind. The new Firefox Quantum is now alleged to be an effort by Mozilla to correct past mistakes.

This move makes Google Mozilla’s default search engine in most of the world, with the exception of China, where the default is Baidu, and Russia, Turkey, Belarus and Kazakhstan, where Yandex is the default.

Historically, search engine royalties have been the main revenue driver for Mozilla. Back in 2014, the last year of the Google deal, that agreement brought in $323 million of the foundation’s $330 million in total revenue. Neither Google nor Mozilla discussed the financial details of this new deal, though once Mozilla releases its annual financial statement, we’ll get a better idea of what that looks like.

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In a statement by Mozilla’s chief business and legal officer Denelle Dixon, she said “As part of our focus on user experience and performance in Firefox Quantum, Google will also become our new default search provider in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan. With over 60 search providers pre-installed as defaults or secondary options across more than 90 language versions, Firefox has more choice in search providers than any other browser.”

“We exercised our contractual right to terminate our agreement with Yahoo! based on a number of factors including doing what’s best for our brand, our effort to provide quality web search, and the broader content experience for our users. We believe there are opportunities to work with Oath and Verizon outside of search,”

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